Watch Tami Neilson Grapple With Homesickness in 'Manitoba Sunrise at Motel 6'

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Constant traveling and living out of a suitcase allows entertainers to live their dreams and inspires love songs about the road. On the flipside of musicians' drifter lifestyles, there's homesickness, especially when there's kids at home. Tami Neilson, a native Canadian working out of New Zealand, spends more time than most apart from family, inspiring her forlorn single "Manitoba Sunrise at the Motel 6" and its music video.

Neilson first wrote down part of the song while missing her sons during a tour of Canada. The loss of one of her late father's favorites, Glen Campbell, provided inspiration to turn those loose thoughts into complete lyrics. Sparse, acoustic-driven accompaniment and a brief nod to orchestral pop add well-executed throwback elements beyond the expected rockabilly and honky tonk reference points.

The video shows Neilson performing the song alone in a theater. It seems to say that even when the opportunity to play a big venue arises, those days can still be lonely. Grainy vintage travel footage is shown throughout, adding to the usual retro feel of Neilson's music and persona.

The song appears on Neilson's forthcoming album Sassafras!, out June 1 on Outside Music.

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Watch Tami Neilson Grapple With Homesickness in 'Manitoba Sunrise at Motel 6'