This Talented Goat Knows How to Paint a Masterpiece [VIDEO]

Bodie the goat has his own fan club thanks to his adorable and unexpected talent.

Most people head to the zoo to enjoy the sight of animals in their natural environments. However, this goat has become an all-star entertainer thanks to a surprising talent discovered by one creative zookeeper.

Bodie the goat is a painter. Yes, you read that right. Bodie lives at the Albuquerque Botanic Garden, where zookeeper Kristen Wright discovered the four-year-old goat's talent after she noticed him trying to pickpocket visitors. Wright decided to channel that bad behavior into art, which has earned him the fittingly adorable nickname, "Van Goat."

The works of art are created when Bodie holds the paintbrush in his mouth and simply goes to town. Somehow Bodie manages to stay inside the lines and create something that is hard to believe came from the mind and mouth of a zoo animal.

Zoo visitors love watching Bodie create his works of art, and his completed pieces are even on sale for $40 a piece at Albuquerque's Weems Gallery. Watch the video above to learn more about this goat's crazy talent and to see the artist at work.

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This Talented Goat Knows How to Paint a Masterpiece [VIDEO]