Tiny House Swoon

Take a Peek Inside This Adorable Tennessee Tiny House

This little Tennessee home is a great example of why tiny houses are becoming one of the latest trends in the real estate world; they are convenient, affordable, mobile and lend themselves to a very simple lifestyle. Think about it - less space means fewer belongings and less mess.

Located near a creek in Afton, Tenn., this adorable 240-square-foot tiny house has all the amenities that a normal house does. What this residence may lack in space, however, it makes up for with its incredible countryside views.

Many tiny houses are built on wheels, which makes them great for folks who love to travel. Just hook your house up behind a vehicle and be on your way!

Plenty of natural sunlight brightens up the cozy interior, thanks to multiple windows. While the house is small, the layout maximizes both storage space and living area. Tiny house owners are forced to get creative when it comes to finding new ways to arrange furniture.

The entryway features a couch, footstool, flatscreen TV and entertainment stand.

Tiny House 3

Tiny House 5

The kitchen area is just a few steps away from the living room, and features an oven, microwave and refrigerator.

The rooms of tiny houses often serve multiple purposes, like this bathroom, which doubles as a laundry room. For those of you wondering, the toilet is composting. Composting toilets do not use water and are ideal for rural residences.

The peaceful sleeping area rests in the loft, accessible by a narrow staircase. The bedroom has a fairly large bed, some shelving, a second television and even a pet crate.

Although there isn't a ton of room for guests inside, this dreamy patio attached to the tiny house is the perfect place to hang out. Adorned with a grill and plenty of chairs, it's a great spot for a backyard barbecue or morning coffee.

For more information on this tiny home, visit its Tiny House Swoon page.

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