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Everything You Need to Know About Tacos

Bet you didn't know that tortillas were the first paper plates. According to Maggie Unzueta's article on Fix, the delicious delicacies we know today as tacos came about when Aztec women needed some way to transport midday meals to their farmer husbands as they were working in the fields. They would put the food in a tortilla to carry it, and the taco was born. Obviously they hadn't heard of Dixie brand yet.

Unzueta uses some interesting infographics to educate us about the taco and its soul mate, salsa. In one infographic she details 10 different types of tacos, some that this native Texan has never even heard of, such as cazuela, and the ever appetizing bug tacos. No, that's not a nickname.

Unzueta also explains the difference between Mexican tacos and Tex-Mex tacos. For example: Mexican tacos are made solely with soft corn tortillas, while Tex-Mex uses a variety of soft and crispy, flour and corn. When it comes to salsas, the types range from green to red, and she even lists some recipes in case you want to try your hand at homemade salsa. Check out the graphic to see the rest of the differences and figure out exactly what kind of tacos you've been making at home.

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Everything You Need to Know About Tacos