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Austin Mayor Calls for 'Taco War' on San Antonio

Another shot has been fired in the ongoing breakfast taco battle between Austin and San Antonio.

What is the battle of the breakfast taco, you may ask? It began with an article that claimed Austin was the home of the breakfast taco. Some San Antonians were particularly disgruntled by the article to the point that one man began a petition on petition to exile the author from Texas for "Taco Negligence."

Local San Antonio news site published an article in response titled "10 Reasons to Hate Austin Beyond its Breakfast Taco Arrogance." At this point, if the taco flame war gets any more intense we'll surely all be drowned in our own salsa.

So then what happened? In Austin Mayor Steve Adler's mind, the obvious next step was to declare a "taco war" on San Antonio. No really, he said those words. "The city of Austin is currently at war with San Antonio, over a subject that I know we all hold dear in our hearts, and that of course is breakfast tacos."

Adler made the remark while addressing University of Texas students who were beginning a day of volunteerism. In his address, Adler mentioned several of the awesome things to come out of Austin, including Alamo Drafthouse and Whole Foods, and then continued on, asserting his leadership in what is now apparently a "Taco war":

"Now some may look out at you and see 1500 shining examples of volunteerism and virtue, but I see something greater. I see our army in the war against San Antonio. As your commander in chief in the breakfast taco war, it is my solemn duty to inform you that after you have selfishly, selflessly given of yourselves, I will be drafting you into the great Taco War of 2016."

Adler of course, was joking. At least, one would hope. The truth is, Texans make some damn good food, and you can't find all of the best of one variety in any single Texas city. San Antonio and Austin are both wonderful places with amazingly mouthwatering food.

The one good thing that can come of this dubious and humorous declaration of war is that I'm pretty sure there can be no losers in a taco war. Bring on your amazingly delicious tacos, San Antonio! We will eat them and be very satisfied and happy. Tacos for everyone!

To see the whole video of Mayor Adler's speech, visit the Austin American-Statesman.

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Austin Mayor Calls for 'Taco War' on San Antonio