Texas Pop-Up Restaurant Serves Up Taco Bell's Discontinued Items

In 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, Taco Bell decided to take a good, hard look at its fast food menu and cut out some loose ends. Popular items such as the 7-Layer Burrito, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, and Mexican Pizza got the boot to the menu in the sky. That is until an East Austin bar, the Cavalier revitalized the Taco Bell menu items into a new restaurant pop-up event. The first Taco Fuego event, taking place on Wednesday, December 9, with pickup orders and available self-dine-in service on the patio, will be serving up Taco Bell discontinued items for all.

Taco Fuego in Texas Serves Discontinued Taco Bell Items


Created by Cavalier co-owners Rachelle Fox and Chadwick Leger, the pop-up will feature long-lost Taco Bell favorites such as Latin Pizza (Mexican Pizza), Double Layer Tacos (a take on Taco Bell's double-decker taco) the Multi-layer Burrito (sounds like the 7-layer burrito), and Cheesy Fuego Potatoes (hello cheesy fiesta potatoes!). Heck, the pop-up will even offer cinnamon twists as an add-on.

While the official menu isn't online, we can assume it'll look something like this:

The Discontinued Menu


Latin Pizza - Layers of ground beef, beans, crispy tortillas, three-cheese blend, red sauce, and sour cream topped with diced tomatoes, black olives, and shredded lettuce.

Double Layer Tacos - A soft flour tortilla wrapped around a traditional crunchy taco with a layer of refried beans. The taco is filled with taco meat, lettuce, and cheese. The crunchy tortilla shell and soft taco shell marry perfectly.

Multi-Layer Burrito - Vegetarian-friendly, this fast food chain favorite includes diced tomatoes, refried beans, seasoned rice, three-cheese blend, sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce in a flour tortilla. This burrito pairs beautifully with tortilla chips and a hearty helping of nacho cheese sauce or pico de gallo.

Cheesy Fuego Potatoes - Roasted potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream make this side dish a drive-thru favorite.

While the pop-up is only open for a limited time (at the time of writing they already sold out!), the restaurant plans to run more events soon. What other discontinued items may come back thanks to Taco Fuego? Can we see the quesarito, bell beefer, or enchirito in our future? Fingers crossed!


For more information check out their Instagram for their menu and next event.

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