You Could Get Paid to Live in This Quaint Mountain Village

Love small town living? You could get paid to live that dream every day in this adorable mountain township.

The Swiss village of Albinen only has about 240 residents. However, they've recently begun losing their population to the opportunities in larger cities. This prompted the local town council to propose an incentive program for families who move to Albinen and commit to living there for 10 years.

Flickr/Vaisle Cotovanu

Albinen is near Leukerbad in the canton of Valais, surrounded by the gorgeous Swiss Alps. Remember when Carrie Underwood played Maria in The Sound of Music? That could be you.

The Local reported the news and translated the community notice. It states that the town is proposing to pay 25,000 francs per adult and 10,000 francs per child to families willing to move to the little village. The exchange rate between francs and dollars is pretty close. That amount comes out to $25,505.82 or $10,201.21.

Flickr/Vasile Cotovanu

There are some conditions, of course. New residents must be willing to stay in Albinen for a minimum period of 10 years. Since they're looking for young families, residents must also be under 45. They will also need to buy or build a home worth at least 200,000 francs that will be their primary residence. Anyone applying must also have a Swiss C residency permit to be considered. Y'all start getting your passports ready in case the proposal passes.

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You Could Get Paid to Live in This Quaint Mountain Village