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This Guy Built His Family a Massive 300,000-Gallon Swimming Pool

Back in 2013, Jerry and Marina Leussink of Sundre in Alberta, Canada decided to make their farm the go-to spot for summer. After a bit of creative thinking and a lot of hard work, Jerry successfully installed a massive 1.2 million liter pool at the farm.

The Leussinks use their farm as a sort of resort for their entire family. The 90-by-70 foot. pool quickly became the focal point of the whole property. Although the pool is 14 foot. deep in some areas, Jerry also included a shallow section just for the kids. This section is also covered by a 30-millimeter poly liner to keep the little ones safe and comfortable. The Leussinks keep the pool clean by adding chlorine and rotating the water with a massive pumping system.

You can check it out for yourself in this video.

The entire design of the pool is simply amazing. Jerry definitely did a great job developing his idea and making it work. Between the cool decorations, the solar lights for night swimming and the ability to use boats and other large toys in it, there's a lot to enjoy about this pool.

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Most of us don't have enough space or patience to create something this massive. But the Leussinks have managed to make something that their friends and family will hopefully enjoy for decades to come.

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