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This Delectable Sweet Potato Pound Cake is the Perfect Fall Dessert

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You can't go wrong by kicking off the fall season with a great pound cake. What better way to make one than to incorporate another favorite fall food - sweet potatoes? That's what makes this recipe from YouTuber CookingWithCarolyn so fantastic. It pairs ingredients together that will instantly let you know that fall has arrived.

To make this recipe for yourself, you will first need some roasted yams or sweet potatoes. Remove the skin of the potatoes and put the flesh in a large bowl. You will then beat your potatoes with an electric mixer before moving on to roasting some pecans.

For the cake portion of the recipe, you will need cake flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and both granulated and brown sugar for the dry ingredients. For the wet ingredients, you need a stick of butter, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla extract and buttermilk. After you have all your ingredients gathered, you will be able to start mixing up your cake.

To get the full instructions as well as the measurements and cooking time for this cake, make sure you check out the video below.

One of the best things about this particular cake is that it is extremely versatile. While she uses a rum icing in the video, you can easily switch this out for something entirely different. The fun thing about cooking is that it gives you the opportunity to try some new things and experiment a little bit.

So, if you are ready to kick off your fall cooking schedule, be sure to try out this recipe for yourself. It's perfect for the season and will leave your house smelling wonderfully delicious. Plus, you can share it with your family if you are feeling especially generous.

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This Delectable Sweet Potato Pound Cake is the Perfect Fall Dessert