Suspects in Dave Brainard Assault Case Claim Producer Was ‘Hurt Accidentally’

Two suspects arrested earlier this year for assaulting record producer Dave Brainard claim they were acting in self-defense.

In September, Dustin and Nichole Hargrove were arrested for allegedly attacking Brainard and his friend Deborah DeLoach on Demonbreun St. in Nashville. According to initial reports, the Hargroves emerged from their car and began attacking Brainard and DeLoach after nearly hitting them with their car as they attempted to cross the street. Dustin Hargrove allegedly choked Brainard until he lost consciousness and fell onto the ground, which resulted in severe facial injuries that required surgery.

Mark Scruggs, the Hargroves’ lawyer, is telling a much different story. According to the Tennessean, Scruggs says that after the couple nearly hit Brainard, DeLoach began yelling at the vehicle and refused to move from the middle of the road. After Nichole Hargrove exited the vehicle and began to argue with DeLoach. Dustin Hargrove then emerged from the car to break up the fight, but was then confronted by Brainard.

Scruggs claims that Brainard’s injuries were incurred after he fell to the ground on his own. He believes that he was intoxicated, and is asking the judge on the case to release Brainard’s medical records.

The case will have its first preliminary hearing on Jan. 27 in Nashville.

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Suspects in Dave Brainard Assault Case Claim Producer Was ‘Hurt Accidentally’