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Helpful Beauty Secrets from Texas Beauty Queens

Lauren Lanning DeGeorgio (Left) and Kelsey Moore-Wheeler (Right)

You may have heard the phrase, "The bigger the hair, the closer to God," -- well that holds true here in the Lone Star State where beauty and style are a way of life for Texas women.

Growing up, Texas girls are taught to consistently be presentable in both style and mannerisms. In Texas, it's important to be genuine, and be yourself, but it's also important to put your best face forward, so to speak. Who knows better how to maintain standards of beauty than a Texas beauty queen? I asked some former Miss Texas USA winners what their secrets are, and now we are passing those secrets on to you.

Miss Texas USA 2006, Lauren Lanning (Now Lauren Lanning DeGeorgio) and Miss Texas 2010, Kelsey Moore (now Kelsey Moore-Wheeler) shared some great advice with me on how to always look your best. Both ladies were very open and honest with their advice, both advocating health and wellness, as well as being conscientious when choosing a beauty regimen.

Skin health:

Lauren: "Beauty secrets....I hate to even use the word secret when we are talking beauty, because everything is easy and accessible!

Drink lots of water. Half a gallon a day or eight, eight-ounce glasses. It helps keep your skin clear, keeps your energy levels up, and boosts metabolism."

Kelsey: "I would say be really picky and really careful about what you put on your skin and in your hair."

Lauren: "Always wash your face at night! Whether you are wearing makeup or not. Use a mild foaming soap to begin. Sometimes finding the right products can be challenging when beginning a skin care routine. Clinique is a great place to start."

Kelsey: "Download the Skin Deep app from EWG to scan your products and see what kinds of things [cosmetics] contain and what they can do to your body. Educate yourself!"


Lauren: "Exercise regularly! I try to go to the gym on average 3-4 times a week. Exercise improves your mood(bye-bye stress), controls your weight, and promotes good sleep habits. I enjoy Barre, Spin, and Body Combat classes at my local gym. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, exercise is a must."


Kelsey: "Many drug store, big box, and even Ulta Beauty brands contain harmful parabens, chemicals, synthetic fragrances, etc."

Lauren: "To keep eye shadow from creasing or vanishing throughout the day, use a eye shadow primer. YSL eye primer is a great one and lasts forever.

Highlighters help us to create a fresh, got-plenty-of-rest look. Simply draw a upside triangle starting under your eyes moving to the side of your nose and back up cheeks to the outer edge of your eyes with a highlighter pen. Blend in the edges with a touch of foundation and your done. There are plenty of youtube videos to show you if you need more assistance. I love the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat pen or Chanel Eclat Lumiere pen is great too."


In her post-beauty queen days, Lauren spent three years as a reporter for KTBK's "Wild About Houston" show, and she knows the value of a good attitude and a great sense of humor, so she reminded us:

Lauren: "Laugh, a lot!! Laughing is just good for the soul. Find a reason or create a reason to laugh daily, it's fun!"

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Helpful Beauty Secrets from Texas Beauty Queens