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Supermarket Sweep is Coming Back!

Grab the turkeys!

Updated: September 4, 2020

We've got a premiere date! According to Today, the brand new Supermarket Sweep reboot is premiering October 18 on ABC. Take a look at one of the first previews of the show below. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones brings back the iconic game show, complete with grocery shopping and trivia questions, all leading to a $100,000 prize!

Originally slated to begin production in March, the game show was put on hold as the COVID-19 pandemic forced all productions in Hollywood to shut down. Recently filming in Hollywood has started back up with safety precautions surrounding coronavirus. While this show may not have a live studio audience, it does have the spunk and pizazz of a traditional game show. Which grocery items are you adding to your shopping cart?


The original article from April 30, 2020 continues below:

One of the best parts of staying home sick as a kid was all the daytime tv. Normally I would start off with the Price is Right at 10 am then switch over to TV Land to catch Green Acres or a rerun of I Love Lucy. My mom would make me Lipton's chicken noodle soup with some Ritz Crackers and join me as we switched the channel to turn on reruns of one of my favorite game shows, Supermarket Sweep. As a kid, I dreamed of the day I could be in the store racing through the aisles grabbing the big money makers (meat!). And it looks like that dream may finally come true. Supermarket Sweep is coming back, and it looks better than ever.

Supermarket Sweep is Coming Back to Cable

The iconic tv show got its start on ABC in 1965 with host Bill Malone and featured energetic contestants racing through a grocery store grabbing valuable items during the big sweep. In 1990, Lifetime revived the gameshow with host David Ruperecht but reruns stopped in the early 2000s.

Fremantle Media, the same company who owns Family Feud, American Idol, America's Got Talent, and Let's Make a Deal, is bringing back a reboot of the show once more with former SNL cast member Leslie Jones standing in as the host and executive producer.

According to Country Living, no announcement have been made about where the show will live, however, multiple networks including Netflix, ABC, NBC, and Fox have been reported as bidders on the classic game show. Once a network is picked, the show premiere date will be revealed, as well as how to be a contestant on the show and take part in the super sweep. Until then, pay a little bit more attention at your local grocery store at prices and trivia. You'll never know when you might need to run through your local Publix grabbing all the turkeys your cart can handle.

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