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This Timelapse of Supercells over the Prairies is the Most Magnificent Thing You'll See Today

This incredible time-lapse video shows off the awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature. Kansas photographer Chad Cowan has spent the last ten years traveling across the country to document supercell thunderstorms. The result of his work is this mesmerizing clip, which turns the frightening storms that roll through Tornado Alley into a true piece of art.

"Supercell thunderstorms are a manifestation of nature's attempt to correct an extreme imbalance," he tells Colossal. "The ever ongoing effort to reach equilibrium, or viscosity, is what drives all of our weather, and the force with which the atmosphere tries to correct this imbalance is proportional to the gradient. In other words, the more extreme the imbalance, the more extreme the storm."

Watch the entire time-lapse below and get ready to be blown away.

Cowan has years of practice under his belt when it comes to storm chasing. It's a dangerous hobby, but it's safe to say that the results are worth it. But seriously, don't try this at home, kids.

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If you'd like to see more of Cowan's incredible work, check out his official website.

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