Willie Nelson Gets Pulled Over by the Super Troopers

Twitter/Broken Lizard

It appears the Super Troopers are already patrolling the highways again. And this time, they managed to catch a bona fide country legend when they “pulled over” Willie Nelson.

The comedy outfit Broken Lizard is fast at work filming the sequel to Super Troopers, the cult comedy classic from 2001. Recently, a crowdfunding campaign successfully managed to get support for a second film.

They just filmed their first scene for Super Troopers 2, and on Monday night tweeted out a picture of some of the cast with Nelson. The whole thing started with actor Jay Chandrasekhar tweeted at Nelson offering security for his Boston show.

Obviously, Nelson took him up on the offer. Because the troops later posted a photo hanging out on Nelson’s bus (in full uniform, of course). Could a film cameo be in the works? Nelson did previously appear in Broken Lizard’s 2006 film Beerfest.

The Troopers later joined Nelson on stage that evening, all “singing” into a microphone on stage. But no word on how many people they managed to pull over after the show.

Super Troopers 2 is slated for a 2017 release. Amazingly, the film raised $4.4 million for shooting from IndieGogo. Thanks to fans, the film became the 27th-highest crowdfunded project ever. The cast began primary filming in August 2016.

Meanwhile, Nelson continues to play select dates across the country. Next up, he’ll perform at Farm Aid 31 on Sept. 17.

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Willie Nelson Gets Pulled Over by the Super Troopers