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This Luxurious Tiny House Has its Own Soaking Tub and Recording Studio

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Tiny houses offer plenty of advantages, but normally that means living with a tiny shower the size of a phone booth. And then, every once in a while, an exception rolls around. Daniel Weddle, of the tiny house company Carpenter Owl, created his personal tiny home with creativity -- and a bathtub -- in mind.

The "Snails Away" house boasts plenty of beautifully exposed wood and lots of natural light. The house feels spacious due to the the unique curved roof, which was made from a reclaimed metal from an Indiana barn.

An open downstairs area features a cherry and copper dining table that can fit six. He even fit a tiny recording studio with insulated walls in the downstairs area. His instruments and a small desk adorn the walls.

However, the real superstars of this house are the luxurious lofts. One split-level loft has a full-size tub with a view out the window! The loft on the other side is just as bright and comfortable, and features aqueen-sized bed. The curved roof also creates a spacious aesthetic rarely seen in tiny homes.

Daniel originally built this structure as his personal home, but the model is now available to buy. Carpenter Owl is based in Bloomington, Ind.

According to their website, the company specializes in using natural materials to "create artful, healthy spaces." Bathtubs are definitely an important part of the creative process. Musicians are definitely going to be clamoring for this gem.

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This Luxurious Tiny House Has its Own Soaking Tub and Recording Studio