It's Super Easy to Make Your Own Butter in a Mason Jar

This is not a joke; You really, truly can make your own butter, and all you need is some heavy whipping cream and a mason jar.

Butter comes from cows, yes. And margarine comes from the grocery store. But if you're ever in a pinch and need some real butter in a hurry, you can actually make your own. I'm not even kidding. Moms are even getting their kids to do it for them, it's so simple.


The method is something akin to a magic trick. Mom bloggers all over Pinterest tout that all you need is a mason jar, filled halfway with heavy whipping cream, and you shake it. That's it. Shake the cream until it turns into butter.

Sounds like voodoo. I had to try it. Here's a step by step on how this domestic dork made her own, real, actual butter. Practically out of thin air.

Step 1: Get out your materials.

You're going to need a couple things to get you started:

  • A small mason jar. A pint will do.
  • A snug lid
  • At least a half pint of whipping cream. You'll only want to fill your mason jar half way.
  • Strainer
  • Additional bowl or jar. There's an awesome side effect that happens when making your own butter. We'll surprise you with what it is later.

Step 2: Fill your mason jar about half way with the whipping cream, and screw on the lid. Tightly. Very tightly.


You want your cream to have room to slosh around. And trust me, there's gonna be a lot of sloshing.

Step 3: Start shaking, baby.

Go for it. Shake like mad. Play some Taylor Swift. Get really into it. You can expect about 20 minutes of shaking throughout this whole process. Taking little breaks is fine.

Here's what it looks like a couple of minutes in. Still pretty much heavy whipping cream. Continue shaking.


Here's a shot of what it looks like about 10 minutes in. The cream is now way thicker, kind of the consistency of house paint. Congratulations, you've made whipped cream. While awesome, that's not what you started this project for. Keep shaking.


By now you'll feel like you've been doing this for an eternity, and something has to be wrong, and how the heck is this jar of liquid going to turn into butter? It's just heavy cream from a carton that you bought at the grocery store.

Fear not, my friend. You're almost there. Any moment now, your whipped cream solution will separate into solid butter, and liquid buttermilk (surprise! This is what your other container is for).

Right before butter happens, the liquid gets thick and coats the inside of the mason jar with white.


When it separates, the inside of the jar will be coated in a much thinner solution, with a wad of solid butter sitting at the bottom.


It's crazy.

Step 4: Strain the butter out of the buttermilk.


Save your buttermilk for pancakes in the morning. Put it away in your other container.

Step 5: Rinse your butter in cold water.

This step is optional but recommended. If you don't rinse the buttermilk off the butter, your butter will go bad in about a week. Pro-tip: Add a pinch of salt for taste and mix it up.

Step 6: Brag!


Take photos and put it all over social media because you, my friend, are a pioneer chef. You just made your own butter.

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It's Super Easy to Make Your Own Butter in a Mason Jar