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Super Bowl Bingo Makes Watching Commercials Even Better

I love Super Bowl. Not because of football or the teams. No, I could care less about the actual game. What I really love is the chips, dips, beer, and watching the hilarious Super Bowl commercials. It's the one time of year its acceptable to eat appetizers for dinner and sit on the couch for hours at a time with your friends. Every year we usually try to spice up the party and this year is no exception. May I present Super Bowl Bingo, the best game to play at your Super Bowl party.

The Rules of Super Bowl Bingo

The best part about Super Bowl Bingo is that every watching the big game can play without missing a play. Each player is handed a Super Bowl bingo card and throughout the football game, participants mark squares on their printable football bingo cards. Squares can be easy to spot (like a touchdown, timeout, beer commercial) to more challenging (like spotting a fan with a painted face). It's a fun way to watch the Super Bowl game and get into the competitive spirit!

Get the Free Printable here.

Along with the traditional Super Bowl Bingo, there are also different varieties of Bingo to play as well as a few drinking games.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

This game day bingo focuses on the commercials rather than the actual game, making it easier to for hardcore football fans to join in. This DIY bingo game can be turned into a drinking game as well. Just take a sip every time you get a bingo point, the winner has to finish their drink!

Print these:


There are also resources online that allow you to DIY your own bingo sheets for the football party. Come up with some football phrases and print them out on cardstock before the big game!

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