Sundance Head

'The Voice' Winner Sundance Head's Father Hospitalized

Soulful Texas singer and reality show champion Sundance Head is asking fans for support after his famous father was hospitalized.

Head's dad, Texas musician Roy Head, remains in intensive care following surgery to repair a ruptured aorta. The season 11 champion of The Voice has asked for prayers from supporters in his father's time of need.

In a Facebook post, Sundance said doctors told his family Roy's survival was nothing short of a miracle.

Roy Head's health took a turn for the worse a few days after Christmas of 2016. While on a hunting trip, the elder Head had some back pain and was convinced by family members to visit the hospital. Sundance has been keeping fans up to date on his father's condition on social media as Roy enters recovery. 

Sundance continues to maintain a positive attitude on Twitter and Facebook, constantly thanking his fans for their prayers.

While Sundance may be the most recent member of the Head family to make waves in music, Roy is a legend in his own right. Roy Head gained fame in the Texas music scene as a member of the San Marcos, Texas group The Traits. The band's most popular hit was "Treat Her Right," which Sundance performed alongside Blake Shelton on the season finale of The Voice.

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