Sundance Head Recruits Alison Krauss for Soulful New Song 'How I Want To Be'

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Texas native Sundance Head has teamed up with Alison Krauss for the moving new track "How I Want To Be."

Head has a lot of big names supporting his musical career. As Blake Shelton's protege on Season 11 of The Voice, he took home the winning title. Now, Sundance's new heartfelt ballad features the vocals of the esteemed bluegrass vocalist and musical.

Soulful harmonies between the two singers are accompanied perfectly by soft guitar and percussion. Vocals take the forefront of this song, while the emotional lyrics truly deliver a tender pledge of forever love.

"I want to spend the rest of my life in this place along with you," he sings. "For the rest of my life in this place I want to go home with you/For the rest of forever together is how I want to be/How I want to be."

Listen to the moving collaboration below.

Sundance Head has been busy since leaving his stint on The Voice. He recently completed his upcoming album, which features co-written 18 songs. He also earned a spot on Blake Shelton's Doing It To Country Songs Tour this past spring.

He'll also be busy this fall with tour dates set through the end of October. Sundance Head kicks off the first week of Sept. at Copper Country Fest in Colorado before making a Grand Old Opry appearance on Sept. 5.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Sundance Head is also hard at work in helping relief efforts. A recent Facebook post reveals that he's currently planning a benefit concert for those affected by the storm.

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Sundance Head Recruits Alison Krauss for Soulful New Song 'How I Want To Be'