Sugarland's New Album 'Bigger' Will Recapture the Duo's Musical Magic

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After seven No. 1 hits, duo Sugarland decided to take a break. The hiatus lasted over five years, but the pair, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, are now back with Bigger, to be released on June 8th.

The new record includes all newly penned songs except for "Love Me Like I'm Leaving," which was written before their hiatus. The rest of the tracks germinated after the two met in a rehearsal room in New York City last year to see if they could capture the magic of Sugarland's music again. Luckily, everything felt natural despite the break.

"Still The Same," the single which the pair released in December, has perfectly set the stage for their anticipated comeback.

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While the chemistry between the duo and their musicial abilities are still the same, the world has changed since their last record, 2010's The Incredible Machine. Nettles and Bush recognize the need to address the turmoil and triumphs that have taken place since the time they last recorded music, in both the greater scheme of the world and their personal lives. (Nettles had a child, while Bush went through a tough divorce.)

"I think there's something with Sugarland that is a higher calling," Nettles told the Tennessean."What we've been writing for this new record, it is clear we had things inside of us that we felt the world needed to hear. I think translating that pain into hope is something that Sugarland does really well."

Sugarland will embark on the Still The Same Tour in May with dates running into early September.

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Sugarland's New Album 'Bigger' Will Recapture the Duo's Musical Magic