Sugarland Babe Video

See Sugarland's 1960s-Inspired Music Video for 'Babe,' Co-Starring Taylor Swift

This weekend, Sugarland released a '60s inspired video for their new song "Babe" featuring Taylor Swift, and it's already racked up well over 2 million views on YouTube. The mini-film was recorded on the Los Angeles set of "Mad Men" and features actor Brandon Routh, best known for his roles in "Superman Returns," "Arrow" and "The Flash," as the cheating husband of Jennifer Nettles's character.

Originally, "Babe" was penned by Swift and Train's Pat Monahan with the intention of possibly making it onto Swift's 2012 record, Red. Though she loved the song, it didn't make the cut, so Swift held on to it until she heard that Sugarland was coming back from their five-year hiatus. She excitedly gave the duo her song and was happy to record backing vocals on the track, suddenly giving the tune a brand new life.

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According to People, Swift also formulated the concept for the music video where she plays the inappropriate object of Routh's affection in their 1960s office. It seems like she had a blast donning a red wig, flexing her acting skills and making a triumphant return to pop country music.

When you're watching the video, be sure keep your eyes peeled for a few fun cameos from Kristian Bush, the other half of Sugarland. Overall, "Babe" is such a visual feast of style and drama (take note of Nettles looking fabulous while nonchalantly watering the pool), that it's worth several replays.

Sugarland has already unveiled a few videos from their June 8 release Bigger, including a lyric video for "Mother," and two videos for their comeback hit, "Still The Same." The duo are gearing up to embark on their upcoming Still The Same Tour to support their new album. The string of dates start on June 12 in Santa Barbara, Calif. and run through September 9 in Philadelphia, Penn.

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