Is Sugarland Getting Back Together?

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush reunited ever so briefly this evening to hand out the CMA Award for Vocal Duo of the Year and hinted at the possibility of a Sugarland reunion.

"Fancy seeing you here!" Nettles joked. It was a fitting award for the pair to present, given that they won Vocal Duo of the Year five years running before announcing their plans to "take a break" from the band in 2011. Nettles rattled off the years Sugarland won the award before ending with a cryptic, "...and who knows?" as if to say they might win it again in the future.

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Nettles and Bush have both had solo careers, but they never declared an official Sugarland breakup. Dare we hope for a reunion? Or was it a cheap joke at fans' expense? We'll have to wait and see.


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Is Sugarland Getting Back Together?