A Nuclear Missile Base in Kansas Was Transformed into a Crazy Underground Mansion


In Eskridge, Kan., a relic from the Cold War has become an underground palace called Subterra Castle, complete with above-ground castle turrets.

Subterra Castle was once the site of an underground nuclear missile silo. However, it has been the home of Ed and Dianna Peden since 1994. Ed Peden was a school teacher in Topeka when he bought the abandoned nuclear site and began turning it into his 20,000-square-foot, castle-themed home.

Transforming the missile silo was no easy undertaking. Peden had to pump out over a million gallons of standing water from the basement. He also had to make something livable out of the unwelcoming, heavy concrete walls.


The home boasts an upper and lower apartment with two full kitchens and a dining hall. The interior is decorated in medieval style with lush fabrics adorning the ceiling and tapestries hanging on the walls.


There is also a large great room with a stage, perfect for events. Guests can relax in the hot tub, and visit the serene pond outside. The whole property sits on 33 secluded acres and even includes a celtic stone circle in keeping with the castle theme.


Though a castle turret now sits atop the 400 ton missile bay door, there are still recognizable elements of a nuclear base on the property. The tunnel to the base, and the control room are still present and identifiable.

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It took years to convert the space into a home. Years later, his neighbor, Matthew Fulkerson, suggested turning the place into an AirBNB rental. Sadly, Subterra is currently unavailable to renters due to a pending real estate transaction. Until it's back on the rental market, you can still explore more photos and information on the property at AirBNB.

This post was originally published on November 27, 2017.

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