Sturgill Simpson’s ‘Breakers Roar’ Video is Visually Stunning


The new video for Sturgill Simpson‘s “Breakers Roar” is a visually impressive work that takes the already stunning song to another level.

“Breakers Roar” is the second track on Simpson’s critically claimed new album, A Sailor’s Guide To Earth, which was released on April 15. The song has been hanging around as the No. 1 country record since its release and hit No. 3 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart.

Sailor’s Guide is essentially a letter Simpson wrote to his newborn son about things he’ll encounter in life, and “Breakers Roar” explores how to cope with heartbreak and loss. The music video’s visuals play on the element of water throughout It features a surfer hitting the waves, crashing and then floating down to the bottom of the sea. Sturgill is also shown sitting in a chair singing with giant waves crashing in the distance. As the surfer floats down, he sees other objects, like hundreds of sparkling hearts landing on the seafloor.

As Simpson sings the words, “It’s all a dream,” the surfer gets brought to shore by a mermaid. He regains consciousness on the beach, making us think it’s all a dream, yet he’s clutching one of the sparkling hearts in his hand.

Simpson kicked off The Sailor’s Tour on May 5 with a show in. Austin, Texas. The show is a two-nighter and he’ll be performing part two May 6 at Moody Theatre.

You can pick up Simpson’s entire new album on iTunes now.

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Sturgill Simpson’s ‘Breakers Roar’ Video is Visually Stunning