Sturgill Simpson Reveals New Details of Upcoming Album

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Sturgill Simpson says he’s already completed a new album, but he’s not in a hurry to release it.

In a new interview with GQ, the “psychedelic warrior” teases that his highly anticipated follow-up to 2014’s Outlaw Country revivalist record Metamodern Sounds in Country Music is on its way.

“What’s next is already finished,” he says. “I don’t want to put it out just yet, because I know I’m just going to have to turn around and do what I just did all over again. Quite honestly, I need about six months at home with my family.”

The announcement comes on the heels of his newfound spot in the limelight, after massive success decrying the pop sheen of modern country music and giving the fans a true alternative.

It’s been almost two years of promotion and touring, so few can blame Simpson for wanting to temporarily step outside of the industry and focus on his private life. The singer also says he places an importance on having the freedom to create music when it inspires him, instead of when its expected from him.

“For me it’s all about being in the moment and having freedom,” Simpson explains. “In the mechanics of the industry, the art comes last. But the art is what can’t be put on a timeline. You can’t say, ‘Well, I’m going to make a record in May because that’s when the producer has a window.’ So just recording and getting things out is paramount for me. That has to be spontaneous.”

Sturgill seems to be revealing far less about the inspiration behind this new batch of music than many fans are clamoring for. But he did state that it’ll follow the route of a directly-themed concept album, much like his previous releases. Otherwise, the album’s soundscape is being kept under tight wraps.

When asked how many people had heard the new album, Simpson gave a short but direct answer. “Only the people that need to,” he said. “It’s loitering—with purpose.”

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Sturgill Simpson Reveals New Details of Upcoming Album