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Sturgill Simpson Discusses Upcoming Music on 'Joe Rogan Experience'



In a Joe Rogan Experience YouTube video uploaded earlier this week, podcast host Joe Rogan sits down with country singer Sturgill Simpson for a nearly three-hour interview where the two cover everything from Simpson's career and new music to Bigfoot sightings.

With Rogan and Simpson broaching topics such as mind-altering substances, male anatomy and wrestling, the three-hour listen will give fans the feeling that they're sharing a drink and shooting the breeze with the two guys.

Those who are eagerly anticipating new music from Simpson will be happy to hear him tell Rogan that he plans on spending a great deal of time recording and playing festival shows that he finds fulfilling.

"I realized this year I'm going to take the reigns," Sturgill said in the interview. "I'm going to play 30 festivals, because those things are always so fun, just to go out and get all the energy in your face. And then we're going to do probably a double album, and another record. And just record it all so that when I do want to go and do a really big long two-year tour, we have all this new material, and the old stuff to pull from."

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Sturgill explained that it's difficult to keep the music fresh after working on it so heavily in the studio and playing it over and over on the road. He aims to have a bunch of new work to share with audiences to reinvigorate his live shows.

Fast-forward the video above to the 1:34 mark to hear Simpson humorously discuss the cover of Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, his recording process and the music business.

The "Joe Rogan Experience #1087" interview marks the third time Sturgill Simpson has hung out with Rogan for a lengthy interview/conversation. The previous two episodes took place back in 2014 when Simpson released Metamodern Sounds in Country Music and again in 2016 right before he released A Sailor's Guide to Earth.

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