music affects how your beer tastes
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Study Suggests Music Affects How Your Beer Tastes


We all know that nothing goes together like country music and an ice cold beer, but can the music you listen to actually affect how your beer tastes?

According to a recent scientific study published on ETRO-Publications, "Three experiments were conducted in which participants tasted a beer twice, and rated the experience, each time under the influence of a different sound stimulus."

The participants were not aware that the beer they were given each time was the same, yet their perception of the sweetness, bitterness, sourness and alcohol content of it changed based on the music they listened to while drinking it.

The findings were broken down in more detail on Eater, where they describe exactly how certain musical styles changed the taste of beer. For instance, when the participants listened to "Disney-style" music, they noted that the beer tasted sweeter.


It was also determined that excessively noisy music had negative effects on taste. In addition to noise level, one's personal musical preferences are a factor. "While listening to the pleasant sweet soundtrack, the participant transfers his or her experience and feelings about the music to the beer that they happen to be tasting," reports Eater.

Beyond beer, the study proves that sound has the ability to enhance eating and drinking experiences in general, and proves that restaurants should think about adapting new multi-sensory stimuli to enhance customer experience.

No wonder beer always tastes better at a country concert!

This article was originally posted on June 21, 2016.


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