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Do Meat Eaters or Vegetarians Live Longer? New Study Has Answer

Some vegetarians like to share with every person they meet that they're non-meat eaters, touting their healthy, clean lifestyle. But is being a vegetarian really better for your health? As it turns out, it just might be. A recent study found that vegetarian dietary patterns might be associated with reduced mortality.

Approximately 97,000 people were studied between 2002 and 2007. Scientists discovered that non-meat eaters had a lower chance of dying from any cause. One thing to consider is that vegetarians are often including super foods linked to longevity into their diets -- nuts, fruit, cereal fiber and green salads. Foods that were linked to an increased mortality rate were red meat, eggs, processed meat and potatoes. Specific foods do certainly affect your quality and length of life.

Meta-analyses done in response to the study's findings say that the correlation between a long life and vegetarian diet isn't really that strong. So, don't go canceling your bacon of the month subscription just yet.

However, there are things non-meat eaters absolutely do benefit from when it comes to health. Your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer are proven to drop when on a vegetarian diet.

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While this finding is interesting, we don't suggest telling your vegetarian friends about it. You may never hear the end of it.

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Do Meat Eaters or Vegetarians Live Longer? New Study Has Answer