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Stubb's Music Venue and Restaurant is Changing Its Name


Stubb's BBQ, Austin's famous restaurant and music venue, will soon have a new name. The company decided to make the change after being hit with a lawsuit by Stubb's BBQ Sauce company One World Foods  two years ago.

The trouble began when Stubb's decided to expand their operation. With just one location, One World Foods was alright with them using the name. However, after two more stores popped up, the company said they weren't protected under the "oral license" between the two companies.

Another issue that propelled the lawsuit into action happened when One World Foods found a new owner. Maryland-based McCormick & Co acquired the company just before the lawsuit. Because of the purchase, McCormick acquired the trademarks Stubb's Restaurants were violating. It didn't take long before the new owners decided to put an end to the issue.

About a year ago, the suit got a bit messy. One World Foods attempted to close down one of Stubb's Restaurants' booths at a local venue. However, the judge felt that the company waited too long and didn't grant the injunction.


Luckily, the two companies have now reached an agreement. Both are getting to move past the situation in a positive light. Stubb's Restaurant will phase out their name and choose a more appropriate option. They will use their momentum to continue to grow and expand their business into the future.

In a recent interview with the Statesman, the owner of Stubb's Austin Restaurant Co had this to say to the company's fans:

"As a result of the sale of One World Foods in 2015, we will now begin a process of phasing out the name 'Stubb's.' While the name will change, it will still be the same owner/operator, same live music, same cold beer and great food for years and years to come."

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