When Is Strawberry Season?

When Harry Styles sings "Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin'..." we all know exactly what he's saying. There is nothing like perfectly ripe sweet fresh strawberries. If you love strawberries (and honestly, who doesn't?) then you need to know when strawberry season is in your part of the world. While you can always go "strawberry picking" at your local grocery store, to indulge in the best strawberries from the closest strawberry patch, let's learn a little more.

Strawberry Facts

Delicious strawberries are actually the most widely grown fruit in the entire world! Global peace through strawberries, anyone? These red berries are actually part of the rose family and their seeds are uniquely on the outside of the fruit. After a strawberry margarita or three, try counting the seeds! (HINT: about 200 seeds per berry)

There are two general classes of strawberries. The "ever-bearing" strawberry plant grows from early summer to early fall. The "June-bearing" which has a shorter growing season of just a few weeks in late spring/late May. When it's off-peak season in your part of the world, your strawberries in the grocery store have most likely traveled from warmer areas like California or South America.

For everything you've ever wanted to know about strawberries, check out the California Strawberry Commission website. If you're into fun facts to impress your friends and family, you'll find some good ones here. Strawberries produce large amounts of fruit in smaller spaces. So many agricultural grower families chose strawberry farms as the best way to succeed in farming.

About 8 strawberries (approx. 1 cup) have only 50 calories. Fresh strawberries are fat, sodium, and cholesterol-free. Filled with antioxidants, more vitamin C than a medium orange, and 3 grams of soluble fiber! Even Harry Styles will need to think about his fiber intake one day.

So Many Strawberry Recipes

Yes, put strawberries in your salad. Yes, it's still kinda weird. No, I don't know for sure if Harry Styles puts strawberries in his salad but I pretend he does.

Almost everyone has a happy strawberry memory. I love strawberries with sour cream and a few spoonfuls of sugar. Have it the way my grandparents did with a piece of rye bread and butter. Simple peasant comfort food that brings back amazing memories for me.

Strawberry tarts, strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate-covered strawberries, cereal, yogurt, French's endless!

If you have too many strawberries leftover, they can be kept in the freezer for up to a year. Frozen strawberries work great in smoothies or ice cream milkshakes.

Most areas of the country will have a local farm with a u-pick activity time during their peak strawberry season. Check out your local farmer's market for homemade jam and jelly and strawberry baked goods.

Supermarket Tip: Check the bottom of the container for moldy or mushy berries. Don't wash your strawberries until you're ready to use them. Store them at room temperature in a pretty bowl (or in the refrigerator if your kitchen gets really hot) Use them within five days...or until Harry Styles shows up.

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