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This Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet Looks Just as Amazing as It Tastes

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Chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet of flowers are gifts that will never go out of style for Valentine's Day. Fresh strawberries and fresh flowers? There truly isn't a better combination, and it looks like Edible Arrangements agrees. You can now buy your sweetheart a strawberry bouquet.

A chocolate covered strawberry bouquet is a fun gift (especially for people not a fan of flowers). But, believe it or not, not everyone is a flower-kind-of-girl. I know I am, but if your significant other doesn't like gifts that will end up in the trash within a short period, go the strawberry bouquet route, because trust me, this beautiful arrangement will end up in bellies, not the dumpster.

Why Chocolate Covered Strawberries Are Popular on Valentine's Day

Some foods (and treats) stand out most on holidays. For example, turkey on Thanksgiving and Peeps for Easter. Have you ever wondered why chocolate covered strawberries are so popular on Valentine's Day? Well, here's why.

Americandreamcakes.com notes that Lorraine Lorusso dipped strawberries in chocolate and allowed them to harden, creating chocolate covered strawberries at a gourmet shop in Chicago called Stop N' Shop. Since then, it's been a popular treat for the holiday.

Edible Arrangements even shared the fun fact on social media 10 years ago! Pretty delicious invention? Absolutely! They're so good that I can't even decide if I prefer them with milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Both make fantastic treats and are quite addicting! Does anyone else plan on running to the grocery store the day after Valentine's Day to buy marked-down chocolate covered strawberries? I know I am.

Confetti Berry And Chocolate Bouquet

So what's on the strawberries? They're covered in white chocolate with cake batter and confetti. My goodness, that sounds so delicious. I just know if I get a strawberries arrangement, I'll be pretty upset when it's time to eat the very last strawberry!

The edible bouquet is a nice change from the typical strawberry gift box. Plus, the fruit bouquet will make for a nice centerpiece on the kitchen counter or office desk for the day.

If the fruit arrangement isn't of your Valentine's taste, we recommend cake pops as a Valentine's Day gift. Learn how to make DIY pops here or order the treats here. And of course, you can never go wrong with cupcakes and milk chocolate, and dark chocolate gifts. They're classic gift ideas for the one you love most.

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