Texas Community Rallies to Buy Car for Man Who Walked to Work Each Day

Sometimes, just when you think you've lost faith in humanity, you come across a story like this one. A selfless story, where strangers change a Texas man's life.

According to FOX LA20-year-old Justin Korva was walking three miles to his job every day. Local resident Andy Mitchell first learned about Korva's story after giving him a ride to work one day. According to Mitchell, Korva had explained during the ride that he was trying to better himself -- saving up for a car of his own.

After that, Mitchell decided he needed to help. Along with a few friends, Mitchell set up a donation box at a nearby restaurant.

Posted by Mandi Morton Mitchell on Friday, June 23, 2017

The community readily pitched in, and they were able to buy Korva a new Toyota Camry; there was enough extra cash to also get him a $500 gas card, two years of free oil changes, and one year of car insurance. "That's why I was saving for to get a car," Korva told FOX. "It's just an instant blessing, an instant surprise."

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Mitchell's wife captured the incredible gesture on video. Korva seemed absolutely humbled by the gift, and he hopes that someday, he'll be able to help someone out in a similar fashion. Karma, guys. Karma.

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Texas Community Rallies to Buy Car for Man Who Walked to Work Each Day