You Can Spend the Night in This Charming Storybook Castle

Who doesn't love a good fairy tale? Now you can live out your own storybook adventure by spending the night in this adorable castle.

This charming abode is located in Ellington, Conn., and was built back in 1917. According to the listing, a local family built the castle after returning from a trip to England. After an artist purchased the property in 2000, it was completely remodeled to show off its original charm.

This sitting room has incredible rock walls and arched windows that will make you feel like you're living as a royal.

An additional living area has comfy couches and plenty of natural light.

This quaint kitchen has a lovely breakfast nook and plenty of space to cook up a delicious dinner.

This incredible claw foot tub will surely make you feel like a king or queen.

Ready to cozy up for the night? This stunning red bedroom is the perfect escape from everyday life.

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