Country DJ Storme Warren Shares Harrowing Account of Las Vegas Shooting

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SiriusXM radio host Storme Warren was on the stage when a shooter opened fire on 22,000 people in Las Vegas. He shared his harrowing firsthand account of the Las Vegas shooting in an interview with HLN's Robin Meade.

Warren gave the interview while still in a safe location with several artists. He and Meade texted earlier in the evening when official accounts only listed two fatalities, but Warren knew immediately the damage was much greater.

Warren was the host and MC of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where Jason Aldean headlined Sunday night. "You just think, 'There's no way this could happen,'" Warren says. "We knew exactly where it was coming from. It was coming from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. You could hear it coming from the hotel. There was no doubt. Then it was just trying to stay out of the way, and watching people fall in front of you. And stepping over bodies. And trying to help as many people as you could."

Warren says he heard the shells hit the stage near their feet. He and Jake Owen's tour manager Greg Fowler ran and hid behind a cinderblock wall as bullets grazed over their heads.

Watch the interview below.

"It didn't stop," he says. "That was the scariest part of the thing. It wasn't just one single magazine or round of bullets. It was reloading and reloading."

Warren also shares how Aldean's team quickly rushed him and the band off the stage. When the gunfire ceased, Warren went out to the grass. "There were bodies in the grass," he says. "And not just a couple." Everybody tried to help as many people as they could. A few already passed away.

"I want to say something fantastic about the humanity at this festival," Warren says. "Everybody chipped in." Anybody and everybody with first aid experience tried to help. It took quite a while for responders to get there due to such confusion.

But Warren says the terrorism won't stop him or other entertainers from doing their job. "It can't," he says. "It's not going to stop you from performing. It's not going to stop you from don't stop the world for this stuff."

Warren says he and others want to keep up with the news on the Las Vegas shooting. But they're watching with the sound off, because the gunfire is still jarring. "It's too real," he says.


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Country DJ Storme Warren Shares Harrowing Account of Las Vegas Shooting