Get Organized with a Pair of These Chic Storage Drawers

Spring cleaning is in full effect. Counter tops are wiped down, floors are swept, and random things are being stuffed in hideaway spots. However, this Sterlite Drawer Storage Weave Tower is perfect for keeping your things organized and easily accessible. It also looks great in your home with its espresso finish and it only costs $28.31 for a 2-pack.

You can set this 3-drawer tower in your living room to store books, your remote, and blankets. You can also use it in the kids room to keep their toys tucked away and out of sight during nap time. If you're like me, you may have too many clothes and not enough dresser space. These weave tower drawers are sturdy and durable and give you easy access with the easy pull handle and multiple drawer selection.

It's never a bad idea to create extra storage for yourself. Start now with these versatile drawers.