Stoney LaRue Arrested for Allegedly Pushing Girlfriend Down Stairs

Country artist Stoney LaRue was arrested Monday in Oklahoma City after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend down the stairs during an argument.

According to, police say they responded to a report domestic incident at an apartment where LaRue and his girlfriend have lived together for two years.

The victim told police that LaRue and a second suspect, 43-year-old Richa Chandra, had went out drinking the night before, and came back to the apartment around 4 a.m. The victim went out to sleep in her car because the two were making a lot of noise, then went back into the apartment a few hours later to get ready to work.

The victim was blow-drying her hair when LaRue awoke and confronted her about the noise. According to the victim, an argument began and LaRue threw her makeup bag and other items down the stairs. As she bent over to pick up the items, LaRue allegedly pushed her from behind and caused her to roll head over heels down to the bottom of the staircase.

The victim then called 911, and LaRue was arrested due to a domestic abuse complaint. The second suspect, Chandra, stayed at the scene and attempted to talk to the victim multiple times, even after being asked to leave by police. She was taken into custody by police for obstructing and public drunkenness.

LaRue has been released on bond. He has not yet released a statement in regards to the incident.

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Stoney LaRue Arrested for Allegedly Pushing Girlfriend Down Stairs