Still Not Dead
Screengrab via YouTube

See Willie Nelson's Hilarious, Tongue-in-Cheek Video for 'Still Not Dead'

Good news everybody! Willie Nelson is still alive, and he's got the new music video to prove it.

In the hilariously tongue-in-cheek "Still Not Dead," Nelson sings about the premature rumors of his demise. And the video follows the spry Nelson around as he reads news of his death yet somehow still plays sold-out shows at night.

Nelson starts by waking up in his bed, finding himself still very much alive. He has to check his own hands a few times and drink some coffee to make sure, but yep. He's there alright.

"I woke up still not dead again today," Willie sings. "The Internet said I had passed away. But if I died, I wasn't dead to stay."

The tune is a classic two-and-a-half-minute country song with a rip-roaring train beat and familiar melody. And in the video, Nelson plays poker with friends, dances a jig and then entertains the masses. The video uses lots of everyday footage and a fish-eye lens for comedic effect.

"Still Not Dead" is Willie Nelson's answer to his own tune "Old Timer," which carries a very different, very melancholy feel. With all the different news around Willie's health (which this song pokes fun at), it's sure nice to hear an upbeat, lighthearted tune from the legend.

Both of those songs grace Nelson's new album God's Problem Child. The record features many collaborations with Nelson's longtime producer Buddy Cannon.

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Lyrically, the album is quite the wide-ranging production. Tunes address everything from mortality to recent political elections to country legend Merle Haggard. Nelson co-wrote seven of the songs on the 14-track record. Buddy Cannon's mom Lyndel Rhodes wrote the first track on the record, making it a bucket list moment for the adorable woman to hear Nelson sing her song.

God's Problem Child comes out April 28, just one day before Nelson's 84th birthday.

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