Steven Tyler Debuts His First Country Music Video [WATCH]


Steven Tyler has released a fittingly colorful, gypsy-inspired video for his country single, "Love Is Your Name".

In the clip, we follow a beautiful blonde woman dragging a brightly colored scarf through the streets of Nashville, Tenn. into some sort of enchanted forest inhabited by Tyler and his gypsy friends.

"This video has so many personal elements in it for me," Tyler explained in an interview with Rolling Stone Country. "I came from a family that was a touring band. I grew up as a young boy with my pet raccoon and my slingshot. My real band Loving Mary is featured in the video. This song and video resemble what the album will sound like."

Tyler has been hit with a lot of skepticism for his experimental journey into country music. Artists like Clay Walker have been outspoken in their dismay over rockers infiltrating the country scene. Some have even criticized the move as a blatant attempt at money grabbing. Although it seems like Tyler is legitimately trying to find a fair balance of country and the rock and roll he does so well, both the track and video never really find their footing. Tyler stands on the front porch of a clapboard house, but always looks like he's posing for the latest issue of Vogue.

Plus, the video leaves viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Why are there doilies randomly stapled to the trees? Why is there a constant stream of wind blowing through Tyler's hair? Why did the beautiful blonde make such a long trek, only to leave seconds later?

We may never know the answers to these lingering mysteries, but at least Tyler still knows how to successfully garner our attention.

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Steven Tyler Debuts His First Country Music Video [WATCH]