Watch Steve Moakler's Adorable New Video for 'Suitcase'

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Steve Moakler's "Suitcase" stands quietly as one of the best country songs of the year. It's got all the heart you want from country music, but still has that pop confidence without sacrificing an organic sound.

Moakler released the tune in March from his recent self-titled EP. Now it's finally getting the music video treatment, and it's precious.

The clip follows Moakler and his real-life wife Gracie in a rented trailer out in the California hills. Moakler tells People, "There has to be a girl in that video and I can't imagine having another girl!"

The video features all kinds of nods to their relationship, like living a trailer, which was similar to their post-marriage living arrangement. They shared a camper together as Moakler toured across the country.

In the video, Moakler also teaches his wife how to play guitar. Fun fact: she's actually playing the bass line from Dierks Bentley's "Somewhere On A Beach."

Moakler's first big break as a songwriter came from writing Bentley's song "Riser." Funny enough, Moakler didn't write "Suitcase," though. "It's the first song I recorded that I didn't write," Moakler says. "I came at that song as a fan first, with Gracie. We had just gotten married -- it just felt like it was our song."

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He's been at it quite a while. In fact, he already has three more pop-centric albums out, the first of which dropped in 2009. But all signs point to Moakler's rise as a country star. You can catch him as the opening act for Old Dominion across the country through the end of the year.

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Watch Steve Moakler's Adorable New Video for 'Suitcase'