Premiere: Stephen Flatt's 'Hold You Tonight' is a Road Trip-Ready Love Song

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Country music runs in singer-songwriter Stephen Flatt's blood. The Nashville native is the great-nephew of bluegrass legend Lester Flatt and he's carrying on the family name with honest storytelling and an effortless blend of country, Americana, folk, southern rock and bluegrass.

"Hold You Tonight," the first release from Flatt's forthcoming solo debut Cumberland Bones (out April 16) is a road trip-ready love song about longing and anticipation.

"I'm super excited for everyone to hear 'Hold You Tonight.' It's the second song on the album Cumberland Bones, and it's a fun hard-driving song about the open road. It makes you want to roll your windows down and take a road trip," Flatt tells Wide Open Country. "The arrangement really came alive in the recording studio. Kenny Vaughn played the opening guitar riff on this one, and it immediately pulls the listener in with a catchy hook. It was a fun song to record. I wrote this song when I used to work in the trucking business. I met a lot of good guys that would be out on the road for weeks at a time, and this song hopefully captures some of that anticipation of coming home off the road. There's a lot of deep and dark topics on this album, but this song is fun and laid back, and it's one of my favorites."

Listen to "Hold You Tonight" below.

"These are my favorite songs that just didn't have a real spot in the other bands," Flatt says of his debut solo album. "These aren't Tolleson Experiment material, these aren't Flatt & Alvis material -- these are me."

Cumberland Bones was produced by legendary bassist Dave Roe, and features renowned musicians such as Kenny Vaughn, Pete Abbott, Charlie Cushman, Steve Hinson, Ronnie Bowman and Deanie Richardson.

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Premiere: Stephen Flatt's 'Hold You Tonight' is a Road Trip-Ready Love Song