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Stay Warm with this DIY Potbelly Stove Made from Car Wheels

Winter is definitely on the way. In fact, in many places around the country, temperatures are already dropping. Some folks are even seeing a few snow flurries or two! Before winter hits you hard, make sure you have the proper tools to keep yourself warm. This simple, DIY potbelly stove will help you ward off the winter chill.

All you need for this project is a couple of old car wheels, a welding device and a few other miscellaneous parts. Then with a few simple cuts, a quick welding project and a coat of paint or two, you are ready to enjoy your new stove. If you want to create this simple stove for yourself, be sure to check out the full PoultryPeople video that gives you the full instructions.

The great thing about this simple stove is that you can use it for a number of reasons. As the creator mentions in the video, this specific stove is heading to a Boy Scout troop to help them learn how to make fire and cook on their own. However, you can easily take this device camping, hunting or simply use it at home.

Naturally, when you are using this fun stove, make sure you follow some simple safety procedures. Keep things away from it that are flammable and in a safe location away from small children.

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Stay Warm with this DIY Potbelly Stove Made from Car Wheels