Dustin Lynch Stays Country with New Clothing Line

After three consecutive no. 1 singles, Dustin Lynch is trying his hand in fashion with the launch of his new clothing, Stay Country.

The Tullahoma, Tennessee native was inspired by his true country roots upbringing and wanted to introduce a line that he says is "not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. It's the moment where the simple things meet, and the not so simple things seem to just go away."

Lynch told WWD recently that the launch of Stay Country was a long time coming. "I've always been a fan of what clothes say, especially now that I'm on stage every night," he said.

Last fall, Lynch teased fans with the introduction of a Stay Country hat. The "Mind Reader" singer had trouble keeping it in stock, so this time he's going all out. The collection now consists of moderately priced clothing for both men and women along with accessories from ball caps to beer koozies.


In celebration of the Stay Country launch, Lynch will perform at The Stage in downtown Nashville on June 12. Additional details about the performance can be found at

To get your own piece of Tullahoma style, check out StayCountryClothing and show off how you stay country.

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Dustin Lynch Stays Country with New Clothing Line