Each State's Most Searched Food Terms, Mapped

There's something private about what you search for on the internet. Which is why when we find maps that focus on the differences between states, it's always a treat to see data that captures what people are searching for. Of course, what you search for doesn't define you by any means, but some of these overarching trends on this map of each state's most searched food terms highlight way more than just a state's preference.

Regionality and wellness are all evident in these search terms, though there were more than a few surprises. Of course Texans would search for barbecue, but California, y'all are interested in booger eating? What? Let's get started.

This map comes to us from Estately after the company "ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which food-related words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other."

The results showcase the most commonly searched food terms in your state. While the map features only one term, Estately listed all of the popular choices.


Paula Deen; Cornbread; Sweet Tea; Fried Green Tomatoes; Lunchables


King Crab; Smoked Salmon; Deviled Egg; Pad Thai; White Bread; Baked Alaska; Cannibalism


Mexican Food; Fried Bread; Jack in the Box; Olive Garden


Atkin's Diet; Fried Pie; Cream Pie; Doritos; Spaghetti; Fish Finger


Vietnamese Food; Shark Fin Soup; Sriracha; Meat on a Stick; Carne Asada; Pig's Trotters; Denny's; Cheetos; Fruit Rollup; Booger Eating; Nom Nom


Burrito; Chili con Carne; Rocky Mountain oysters; buffalo burger; gluten free; What is gluten?; Paleo Diet; Pepsi; Fondue





District of Columbia:

Turducken; cupcakes


Cuban sandwich; Caribbean food; Red Lobster; Gastro Bypass; Alka-Seltzer


Chicken and Waffles; Waffles; International House of Pancakes; Coca-Cola; What is veal?


Baozi; Tofu; Bean Sprouts; Kobe beef; Spam; pickled pigs feet; molecular gastronomy; raw food; green tea; muesli; sushi; kimchi; balut; quinoa; rice cake; stir frying; eggs benedict; mayonnaise


Finger steaks; cinnamon rolls; potato; tater tots


Deep dish pizza; buffalo wings; doritos locos tacos; popcorn; gyro; Jell-O casserole


Cheeseburger; biscuits and gravy; mutton; sugar cream pie; Arby's


Bacon; bacon cheeseburger; B.L.T.; chipped beef; chocoalte milk; oreo cookie; loose meat sandwich; Jell-O


Kansas City Barbecue


Chicken and dumplings; Manwich; Fried Pickle; hot brown; burgoo; horse recipe; KFC; Imodium AD; Mylanta


Alligator meat; cake; muffaletta; Mississippi mud pie; cracklins; break pudding; Bavarian cream; gumbo; jambalaya; rabbit recipe; red beans and rice


Hot cross bun; pie; chicken pot pie; lobster; lobster roll; butter; chowder; brownies; onion rings; foraging; vegetarian recipes


Crab cake; Chesapeake blue crab; cheesecake; pickled herring; How to use chopsticks?


Blood pudding; cobb salad; ice crea; doughnut; McDLT; cannoli; bacon ice cream; French fries; frozen yogurt


Omelette; Why am I fat?


Salad recipe; T-bone steak; Juicy Lucy; coffee; latte; pop rocks; toast; chow mein


How to gain weight?; Sweet potato pie; Pecan pie; pudding; diet pills; Alka-Seltzer


Early bird special; chimichanga


Irish soup recipes; cole slaw; pumpkin pie; bear claw; jerky; meatloaf; venison recipe; pork ribs; enchilada


Chicken noodle soup; McRib; Velveeta; Patty melt


Buffet; Guy Fieri; Pumpkin Spice Latte; Wagyu beef; Fruit Loops

New Hampshire:

Macaroni and cheese; pulled pork; minestrone; corned beef; meatball

New Jersey:

Bagel bites; Nutella; Prune juice; biryani; Indian cuisine; Jenny Craig

New Mexico:

Frito pie; shrimp cocktail

New York:

Truffle oil; foie gras; steak tartare; ostrick meat; falafel; calamari; guacamole; nose-to-tail; Nutella; bagel; salami; jelly doughnut; Italian food; Chinese food; British cuisine

North Carolina:

Chicken nuggets; sweet potato; bento box; milkshake; broccoli

North Dakota:

Beer cheese; mozzarella sticks; fettuccine alfredo; sloppy Joe; bison; kuchen; hot dish; French toast; pickles; lutefisk


Weight Watchers; Curves International; Chili; grinders; goetta; turtle meat; hard tack; sauerkraut


Chicken fried steak; Cheez Whiz


Vegan recipes; Marionberry pie


Beer; cooking with beer; competitive eating; Why am I fat?; Fruit Gushers; hoagies; cheesesteak; Lucky Charms; Biscotti; Tums; Gas-X

Rhode Island:

Clam cakes; doughnut; calzone; fish n' chips; zeppole; veal

South Carolina:

Grits; shrimp and grits; hoppin' John; barbecue sauce; collard greens

South Dakota:

Hash browns; fruit salad; chislic; salad recipe


Fried chicken; deep-fried turkey; hot chicken; chitlins; corn cakes; ham


Barbecue; brisket; chalupa; Olive Garden; chile con queso; menudo; edible bugs; snake meat; stadium buddy; taco; armadillo eggs; tea


Twinkie; Hot Pockets; chocolate; Jell-O salad; pancake; rice pudding; cookie; What is quinoa?; Heimlich maneuver


Kale; kale chips; granola recipe; maple syrup; poutine; quiche; Brussel sprouts; Vegemite; Michael Pollan


Virginia ham


Humbow; Thai food; pho recipe; cured meats; hand forged; heartburn cure; geoduck; caesar salad; maple bacon donut; pemmican; mushroom

West Virginia:

Shake n' Bake; Blooming Onion; pineapple upside down cake; pickled egg; peanut butter


Cherry pie; pot brownie recipe; SpaghettiOs; beer brats; deep-fried cheese curds; lasagna; submarine sandwich; venison recipe; cucumber sandwiches


German chocolate cake; prime rib

How many of these surprised you? Of course California still shocks us, but Texans, you're looking for a stadium buddy; just how many games are y'all going to alone?

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