The State Park You Must Visit in Each State

The beauty of America lies in its national and state parks. While most people visit the national parks, a state park can have just as much natural wonder and recreational options.

Every state has a state park of some type. California has the most, with well over 200 different parks, while North Dakota has the least, with just 15. Definitions of parks can be broad as well. Some parks may be as small as a lone historical building and its surroundings. There are other parks that have thousands of acres of protected land and water.

Whether you are visiting Denali State Park in Alaska, or Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, each state will provide something beautiful to see. Depending on the state, some parks may cost admission to enter while others are free for all to enjoy.

You can enjoy looking at the beauty of each park in this slide show. Each state park is special in its own way and is appreciated by the public. So hit the road and enjoy these monuments of nature and history today.

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The State Park You Must Visit in Each State