Potted prickly pears are a nice decor near your exterior doors or on patios and decks.

How to Start Your Own Texas-Inspired Cactus Garden for Under $30

Cacti and succulents are two plants that can easily add Texas and Southwestern charm to any home. They can thrive without extensive botanical knowledge. Here's how to get a stylish cactus garden going for either your home's interior or exterior, for under $30 plus shipping.

Texas cactus = prickly pear:

Potted prickly pears are a nice decor near your exterior doors or on patios and decks.

Potted prickly pears are a nice decor near your exterior doors or on patios and decks.

The first thing you should know is that no Texas cactus garden would be complete without some prickly pear. For your Texas-inspired cactus garden, you need some medium-sized prickly pear, which have softer spines and can actually be eaten if you so choose. These prickly pear cacti are a good deal and a nice starter plant.

Don't forget the succulents:

In addition to prickly pear, you'll want some different cacti and colorful succulents. Be sure to give them all plenty of room when planting them, and don't over-water them. Overwatering is the main way to kill a desert plant. You can get a good variety of succulents to add to your prickly pear here.

Place succulents in wood boxes, glass jars and ceramic pots.

Succulents are great because you can use them in most places around the home. They look incredible in the living room or even on the kitchen counter. These affordable green succulents are a good place to start.

Planting vs. potting:

What if you don't have a place to plant them? No worries, you can still have a beautiful cactus garden. You just have to bring the beauty indoors! With a collection of eclectic pots, your indoor cactus garden can be just as beautiful as it is in any landscaping. You can get these pots here.

Indoor cacti add a Southwestern flavor to any room.

When placing potted cacti in your home, don't restrict yourself to window boxes. You can use cacti as a centerpiece, or on a bookshelf, even in the bathroom.

Outdoor gardens should include a mix of cacti and succulents.

If you're planting outdoors, you'll probably want to make certain you've got a good mix of cacti and succulents. Of course, you'll also need more than if you are using pots indoors. These cacti are a beautiful addition to any cactus garden. You can get them here.

Glass terrariums = mess free indoor garden decor

Another great way to bring cacti into your home are these small, glass terrariums. They come in kits so there's really no skill involved. They can be hung using clear fishing line, or simply sat on a shelf. Get this one here. There is even a hole in the top for easy watering (which you really don't have to do often). In addition to hanging a glass terrarium, you could use a wire stand for it. You can get one here.

Forget the ficus, get a cactus.

Decorative cacti are a nice accent to white rooms.

Everyone wants a little greenery indoors, but you don't need a tree. They're either obviously fake, or real and they shed leaves. A cactus is the way to go with an indoor potted plant. The photo above is a good way to place a large potted cactus. You can get one here. Don't forget the pot, you can get a beautiful pot like this one here.

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