Star QB Joe Burrow Gives Thumbs Down to Country Music
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Star QB Joe Burrow Gives Thumbs Down to Country Music

I hate to break it to all of you country fans out there. But LSU Icon and Cincinatti Bengals star QB Joe Burrow is not feeling the genre. Moreover, he says he listens to everything but country music.

In a press conference, one of the reporters asks what he listens to on a daily basis. Joe ponders for a moment and gives one of the most glib, predictable answers you could imagine. "I'm kind of all over the place," Burrow explains. "I'll listen to some indie... some hip-hop, some pop. I'll listen to just about anything but country."

Usually, this is code for some incredibly shallow music taste. Early on in my life, I spend a lot of time echoing similar sentiments. However, I don't think this comes from a malicious place. It isn't until I hear one great country song that the floodgates open up entirely. I think the same for Joe Burrow. Frankly, I'm skeptical that people have truly shown him where the goods are.

Joe Burrow Needs to Find The Real Country Music

I recommend starting any newcomer off with a healthy dose of outlaw country. Particularly, if you're a masculine guy, I think the defiant, gruff exterior of a Merle Haggard type appeals nicely. In a sense, I think it holds a similar energy to certain kinds of hip-hop. I'm sure Joe Burrow loves NBA Youngboy. Really, it's the same kind of outlaw nature.

Honestly, who in their right mind thinks Joe Burrow is listening to country music in the first place? Sure, he comes from LSU. There should've been plenty of people around campus and in his locker room jamming out to some good ol' country. But it's entirely possible they play junk around him and it puts off someone like Burrow from ever sinking his teeth into the genre. You can't trust everyone's taste.

Frankly, I thought we were done with this plain anti country nonsense. It's surprising to me that Joe Burrow is the one to bring back this line of thinking. Listening to everything but country feels childish and mostly ignorant. We should always encourage an open mind to what music brings to the table.