Stanford Will Pay for Your Masters Degree If You Move to the Midwest

Stanford wants to help grow the economy in the Heartland, and they're willing to foot the bill. One of the best graduate programs in the world, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, just began an awesome new initiative for the Midwest.

A lot of attendees at Stanford end up staying in the Silicon Valley region. It's a hotbed of business activity, after all. And if they don't stay there, they usually end up at another already well-established business hub.

But Stanford knows areas like the Midwest are ripe with opportunity for economic growth. And underserved when it comes to folks coming back to put down their roots.

So the school created the "Stanford USA MBA Fellowship." The program will start with three students. Stanford will pay the students about $160,000 over two years to attend the university's prestigious program. And when they graduate, they're required to head to the Midwest to contribute to the region's economic development for at least two years.

But it's not just about getting a free ride to Stanford. The school says they want committed students with ties to the region. That means preference would probably go to a student who is from one of the Midwest states.

It's a super cool initiative. While financial hubs along the coasts struggle with overpopulation and over-saturation, the heart of America offers plenty of opportunity and incentive for creative young business minds. And it's forward-thinking of Stanford to recognize it.

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Stanford Will Pay for Your Masters Degree If You Move to the Midwest