This $9 Stainless Steel Soap Bar Removes Onion and Garlic Odor From Your Hands

When the recipe calls for two garlic cloves, how many do we use? Four? That's correct! All of my garlic lovin' friends have two problems when it comes to cooking with a lot of garlic. That's garlic breath and garlic hands. Well, for one of those issues, consider toothpaste. For the other, consider a stainless steel soap bar.

There are a lot of home remedies and removers for getting rid of the garlic smell and strong odor from cutting onions and peppers. Coffee grounds and lemon work wonders, but you can skip the messy clean up with just one product. That's right, this $9 stainless steel bar will rid your hands of the icky garlic smell.

How it Works

Garlic contains sulfur molecules. If you haven't noticed already, warm running water makes the smell worse. Cold water may help, but you need stainless steel to bind to sulfuric acid to get rid of the smell quickly. Wave goodbye to smelly hands.

Amco 8402 Rub-a-Way Bar Stainless Steel Odor Absorber

  • Place "bar of soap" in your soap dish
  • Pricing: $8.99. Add to your wishlist today!
  • Standard shipping from the United States

You could always opt to wipe your hands around your stainless steel kitchen sink or faucet, but the Rub-a-Way bar allows you to clean your hands thoroughly. This is one kitchen gadget I won't go without. (You can also get it in the shape of garlic! How cute?)

Almost every single Amazon customer review has a perfect 5-star rating. They truly love it!

Customers use it right after cutting onions and peeling garlic and can go on about their day without an awful smell reeking from their hands. Any anglers out there? Some people swear by this bar after cleaning fish. Fish guts smell yucky!

Here's another reason to keep this bar around. Some users are putting this bar to use on their armpits. It's no surprise that the Amco Rub-a-Way bar can get rid of funky body odor. Like I said, this is more than a kitchen tool! The smell of onion is as pungent as it gets!

I highly recommend this stainless steel soap bar for those who don't have a stainless steel sink. It's a budget-friendly kitchen gadget that's going to make you wish you'd come across it decades ago.

This post was originally published on May 5, 2020.

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