Stage Rusher Tackled at Miranda Lambert’s Houston Rodeo Show

Photo: Kelly Folmer

Houston rodeo security tackled and arrested a man who jumped the fence in an apparent attempt to get to Miranda Lambert after her final song at last night's show.

According to witnesses who took pictures and video, one guard tackled the man to the floor and another detained him as Lambert walked off stage. The truck that was supposed to escort Lambert out quickly rushed to pick up the singer.

Rodeo officials confirmed the event took place in the following statement: "We confirm that yes there was an arrest for criminal trespassing, due to someone entering the arena. We make announcements that no spectators are allowed in the arena except for chute seat holders during the concert.

The man had roses in his hand (which can be seen in the above picture) and seemed determined to get them to Lambert. And while it may seem like a simple gesture of affection, fans have been known to go over the top for their musical idols. Sometimes it results in broken guitars and fans who overstay their welcome. Sometimes it can lead to tragedy.

Good on the Houston rodeo security for doing their job and making sure everybody stayed safe. And to the crazy fan -- maybe next time just send a tweet with some flower emojis?

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Stage Rusher Tackled at Miranda Lambert’s Houston Rodeo Show