You Could Own This Colorado Ghost Town for $350K


If you’ve ever wanted to own a ghost town, there’s an abandoned span of property in Colorado that might just make your dreams come true.

Cabin Creek is a ghost town, situated just outside of Byers, with a slightly spooky history. It’s making headlines again, after decades of quiet decay, because town owner James Johnson is ready to sell it.

His ad on Craigslist boasts the many classic buildings that make this 5-acre ghost town so nostalgic. It includes an old gas station, an 8-room motel, an old cafe, an RV park, two small houses, and even a private shooting range.


Johnson is selling the whole package for $350,000 and admits there is a lot of work required to make this place into something special again. He told ABC13 that the property was overrun by a gaggle of chickens when he first took ownership of the town. In addition, plenty of people have stolen wiring or added graffiti to the property over the years, leaving Johnson with a lot of work just to get it in a condition to sell.


Byers resident Joan Lippet told ABC13 that Cabin Creek used to be the go-to spot for a fun movie night and an old-fashioned meal at the cafe. People drove from miles around just to enjoy a relaxing evening in the then bustling town.


So why is this beautiful spot with so much potential sitting empty today? Apparently, a murder occurred in the 1970s when a traveler robbed the Cabin Creek gas station and opened fire.

Johnson hopes someone will buy this place and make it into something special. That’s why he bought it in the first place, but he and his wife want to retire and travel. He has gutted the motel and the cafe so that the square footage is open for business.

So, would you buy a tragic ghost town for $350,000? Now’s your chance.

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You Could Own This Colorado Ghost Town for $350K